Sorry if I Almost Killed You!

This post is a short note and link back to the following post:

I’ve made adjustments to the chocolate salted caramel cake. I did realise that there was a lot of salt listed in the recipe but I did not end up following it – I should’ve actually mentioned the adjustments I made whilst baking this cake and for that I humbly apologise – if you are unable to read this because you are no longer with us after having followed the recipe and keeled over and died – oops, sorry about that chief!

Not being a natural at baking I usually follow the recipes very carefully but I’m so glad that I misread this recipe in parts and use unsalted butter and made a decision to add less salt in the cake and replace the creme fraiche with buttermilk – the cake was delicious.

A friend made the cake following the recipe and had to throw it out as it was way too salty – even though she said the cake tasted good, she almost killed a colleague who was very polite and kept eating!

Adjustments have been made and I will be baking this again to make sure it turns out just as good second time round!

Cheers 🙂


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