Baking for Greek Easter

Koulourakia, Bougatsa, Melomakarona & Spanakopita.

I baked for Greek Easter. I have posted all these on here before so this will just be a short post to show you what I did. The recipes have been posted before.

Is it bad that I’m typing this while I sit in class and my kids are sitting a test?

Bad luck if it is!

It’s been a really busy term at school and at home, so I just haven’t had the time to post anything. In fact, I have been experimenting with all sorts of food lately as I have had to make changes to my diet. Not due to illness but due to the orangutans.

We need to save them and we need to stop destroying the rain forests in Indonesia just so Coles and other companies can make money. This is the main reason why I do not like shopping at ‘stupidmarkets!’

Beautiful babies!

Beautiful babies!

I have always supported the ‘No Palm Oil’ and truth in labeling, however this year I have decided to clear my home of anything containing palm oil. I was quite pleased to find that due to the fact that I make a lot of food from scratch that there weren’t as many food products in my home containing palm oil. However, the amount of body lotions, toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, kitchen, laundry, and ‘organic’ stuff containing palm oil was ridiculous, if not quite scary. We are dominated by the stuff and here in Australia we do not have to declare whether a product has palm oil in it or not, so it hides behind the name of ‘vegetable oil.’

This has taken up so much of time that I haven’t had enough time to sit and post anything.

Except for these Greek biscuits. No vegetable oil – not one bit of palm oil. Instead they contain coconut oil as well as coconut flour (both absolutely amazing products) – they turned out great!

melomakarona - honey walnut biscuits...yum!

melomakarona – honey walnut biscuits…yum!

spanakopita, biscuits and 'bougatsa' - semolina custard phyllo.

spanakopita, biscuits and ‘bougatsa’ – (semolina custard phyllo).

The 'bougatsa' all cut up and ready to eat - I did not get a slice - all gone within minutes!

The ‘bougatsa’ all cut up and ready to eat – I did not get a slice – all gone within minutes!

I made lots of koulourakia!

I made lots of koulourakia!

...and lots more!
…and lots more!

NEVER use phyllo pastry to make spanakopita - ALWAYS make your own!

NEVER use phyllo pastry to make spanakopita – ALWAYS make your own!



10 thoughts on “Baking for Greek Easter

    • Thank you. Easter is fun!
      Yep very difficult to do and very sad but there are palm oil free products out there; it just means it takes a little more effort to shop but well worth that effort. Hope you’re well 🙂

  1. Signed a petition a couple of days ago to help prevent the destruction of rain forests in Indonesia. No idea if it’ll help. Although I hope it does. As for veg oil, I never knowingly buy the stuff.
    Hoping you’re havin a fab Greek Easter, whenever it is!
    I could Google but it’s getting late 🙂

    • I sign every petition I can regarding this. Every little bit helps. I believe that we need (especially in Australia) that products should clearly and truthfully state what is in it – only then can we make informed choices. Anyway, Greek Easter, this year, was 2 weekends ago but I have only got around to posting. Lots of great food and lots of fun 🙂

  2. Yes I totally agree, we need to boycott all seed oil hiding behind the premise of being vegetable oils! The production of canola for instance is heavily dependent on the petrochemicals industry, oil palm plantations are causing loss of the worlds forests and adding to the carbon issue, oh boy, don’t get me started!!! Ooh sorry I’ll get off my soapbox now! Love your Greek Easter treats!

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