Happy 100th

Lamb with Pomegranate and Coriander Served with Chargrilled Veg, Feta and Flaked Almonds…Turkish Delight Syllabub for Dessert.

Happy 100th to me!

When I started this blog, one of my biggest fears was not that my food would look terrible, nor was it the fear of no one liking my blog…it was the fear of typos!

So, I called my blog ‘pantryobession,’ At first I thought I was being rather clever as I am very much obsessed with my pantry being well stocked…but then I realised with horror that one typo and I would be forever known as ‘pantyobsession’ – not that there is anything wrong with being obsessed with panties…or is there? I don’t know!…and if I was obsessed with panties, that would be an entirely different type of blog and any food used in that blog, would not be for eating…just sayin.’

You have no idea how carefully I type the name of my blog…

It occurred to me whilst driving this morning that this should be a very special post. I began to formulate a post in my head, full of wit and charm and indeed I made myself smile, laugh out loud even, at the whimsical style of the words which would grace this page…and then I got home, unpacked the groceries and forgot everything!

Oh well, same old style I guess!

I’ve had an amazing time posting and have been exposed to some wonderfully inspiring people and food. There’s so much good shit going on out there! It’s been awesome to be a part of it.

If you’ve been reading, you will know of my deep love for Nigella Lawson. Tonight’s meal was one of her recipes or should I say, one that she could easily have stolen from my mother. You see, Nigella wasn’t the one who ignited my love for food, and great ingredients and cooking – my mum did that and for that I love her dearly. Nigella just cooked very similar food to my mother and she confirmed time and time again, cooking methods and combinations of flavours and how to enjoy food without stressing over it, as my mother had done.

So, how could my 100th post not pay homage to two great women and wonderful cooks? It simply could not be any other way for me.

Almost forgot to tell you what we had…Lamb with Pomegranate seeds bashed over the top and the juice squeezed all over the lamb and topped with coriander. Served with chargrilled zucchini and baby bell peppers with crumbled feta cheese and flaked toasted almonds and finally for dessert we had a Turkish Delight Syllabub…with Cointreau, rose water, orange blossom water, lemon juice, sugar and double cream and it was simply wonderful!

Thank you to all you crazy bloggers who have followed, commented and liked my blog. It’s been great fun and inspiring! I’m looking forward to whatever happens next in this virtual food world of ours.

Turkish Delight Syllabub and Lamb recipe can be found in Nigella’s book “Nigella Bites” … Enjoy!

Just wonderful

Just wonderful

Chargrilled Veg are the best

Chargrilled Veg are the best

That's me plated up

That’s me plated up





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