Warehouse Kitchenware Shopping

My new kitchen beauties!

I’ve been shopping!

Christmas Tree Cake Tin for my Ice Cream Cake for Christmas Day

Apart from the usual shoe shopping (my other obsession) I have been popping in and out of kitchenware warehouse sales around Melbourne.

The weekend before last Jan and I needed 2 men (no, not in that way!) with 2 trolleys to make 2 trips each back and forth to the car to help us load up our new buys.

New glassware, serving bowls, platters and various other kitchen accoutrements in reds and other funky colours. All my dinner sets are white…white plates, bowls, cups, saucers, mugs and platters so I thought it was time to inject some colour into my kitchen thingys and breath some funky life into it.

Here’s a snippet of what I bought…

sexy scales!


Can’t wait for the girls to come over and fill this 6 litre baby!


Funky Cheese Knives…love these babies!


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