I only like the ice cream in Venice.

Chocolate, Rum and Pistachio Ice Cream

I’ve never really been a big fan of ice cream…until I went to Italy.

At the end of 2003 I decided that work could go to hell and that I needed a break. So, in 2004 I didn’t go back to work, taking a years’ leave and after only one term of school for my daughter, we headed off to Europe in early March…gone for a whole year, we travelled around Europe for 4 months and settled in my father’s house on the Greek Island of Lefkada for the remainder of our year away. Living in a village and catching the bus down the mountain to the most amazing beaches every single day, made for the best summer I have ever had. When schools reopened in September, I sent my daughter to the local school and I started teaching English to local kids. I really toyed with the idea of never coming back to Australia but village life is not for me and I really do have a deep love for Melbourne.

An amazing experience and I fell seriously in love with Italy. Our planned two week stay in Italy blew out to I think a month, maybe more…can’t really remember now.

My daughter, who was 10 yrs old at the time, would order ice cream for dessert every night and because she was so cute and could say please and thank you in Italian, always scored her dessert for free. One night when we were in Venice she ordered a vanilla bean ice cream and urged me to try it. Reluctantly I did and it was the best damn thing I had ever tasted! A month later and still in Italy, I had tried every flavour under the sun. An ice cream convert..or so I thought…until I came home and happily went out for ice cream on a hot summers’ day…the let down was enormous…no more ice cream for me.

Until now. Now I’m not saying that I have managed to start making my own ice cream as good as the Italians but I have managed to find something that is rich and creamy where I can control the flavours and does not require an ice cream machine.

Over the last two weeks I have made small tubs of vanilla bean ice cream, coffee and rum ice cream, fresh strawberry ice cream and chocolate, rum and pistachio ice cream and they have all been wonderful. My daughter, my handsome man and my best friend have written down their favourite flavours and I now have a long list of amazing ice cream to make (and lots of tubs to buy and lots of room to make in the freezer).

I’m even going to make a christmas tree shaped ice cream cake for my niece and nephew for Christmas Day.

It’s so ridiculously simple…embarrassingly simple actually with the inclusion of the not so elegant ‘ingredient’ – sweetened condensed milk but it’s great!

This makes a small tub full and you can always double or triple the ingredients and add whatever flavour you like…it’s awesome!

Ingredients (bahahahaha)

300ml double cream

3/4 cup sweetened condensed milk

2 tbsps rum (or pure rum extract)

2 tbsps best quality cocoa

1/2 cup chopped pistachios

Method (bahahahahahaha)

Put first four ingredients into a mixing bowl and whisk at high speed until thick

Add pistachios and whisk until combined

Spoon into a freezer safe container with a lid and place in freezer…seriously, you could eat it straight away 🙂



9 thoughts on “I only like the ice cream in Venice.

  1. Chocolate, rum and pistachio; that got my attention. My favourite ingredients. Having said that, as I’m browsing through some of your recipes I sense a pattern. You like to eat your ingredients before they become a dish. You are my kind of girl. 🙂

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