…But We Don’t Celebrate Halloween in Australia…

…But I do…!

Ever since forever, I have wanted to celebrate Halloween. Being a great fan of horror movies and having grown up on a staple diet of classic Vampire movies, I really felt that I had been missing out on what could have been some of the best parties I would have ever thrown.

Up until 6 years ago my Halloween celebration amounted to watching a horror/slasher film on the night and checking for signs of a thunderstorm.

So about 5 years ago on Halloween night there was a knock on the door and when I opened that door I was greeted by Trick or Treaters! Luckily my house is always stocked with chocolates and lollies so I was able to happily hand out treats to the kids who were dressed up, pumpkin buckets in hand….(funny how we raise kids to never take candy from strangers then at Halloween parents actually drag  their kids to strangers homes to collect candy!)

This was all the impetus I needed. The following year there was a gangly skeleton hanging from my front door, advertising that this was a Halloween friendly zone and kids could Trick or Treat here. My daughter, suddenly had a great big Halloween party to attend every year, organised by some of her friends whose families also wanted to celebrate, and the week or so leading up to this event meant lots of ideas being thrown around for costumes and make up.

My man and I being truly big horror fans don’t really understand people dressing up as cute things at Halloween. We go all horror shit with our costumes and make up…last year I was a zombie and my man was ‘ghost face’ from the ‘Scream’ movies and my best friend was a demon…my point being that our costumes with the theme music from the movie ‘Halloween’ automatically switching on when we answered the door and the fact that here in Australia where we really don’t celebrate Halloween and the kids like the idea of it but is not a part of how they grew up…well all this combined meant…we scared the shit out of the kids and there were lots of tears and upset parents.

I felt dejected! How could this be? It’s Halloween! Surely if you are going to take your kids out Trick or Treating, you will come across some ghoulish characters. Obviously some people need some educating about Halloween…not my fault we do it properly and they are all stupid and are obviously out just collecting lollies and not getting into the spirit of things.

Message here…don’t take your kidlets out to strange homes to collect lollies on Halloween and then complain that you scared their kids!

What’s even sadder is that it is just me, my man and my best friend at home, dressed up and eating spooky looking finger food and drinking raspberry Vodka and once the kids have all gone, we sit down and watch a horror film…I know very sad but we did get a thunderstorm once and that was very exciting!

My decorations are ready and the food has been organised. I just need to decide on Zombie or Vampire…leaning towards Vampire at the moment as it was zombie last year.

I used a great photo app to see what different types of ghoulish make up would look like on me…and so…here are the photos (I guess you’ve noticed there’s no food in this post)


What do you think? Thanks for visiting :)

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