Stuff I Made and Forgot to Post

Three of my Favourites

Sometimes when I’m in the kitchen I like to channel a sport obsessed male…and then I found this…and laughed…

I also sometimes forget to post stuff I have made…stuff I really like but they seem too simple to post to this blog. So much that is posted looks great and I just don’t always feel like I measure up. I’ve been cooking forever but never wanted to be a chef. I couldn’t cope if someone didn’t like my food and fear my business would be shut down as the poor soul who didn’t like my food was carried out on a stretcher with a meat cleaver buried in his head!

I made a kick ass tiramisu once – first one I had ever made – it was great! I offered some to my best friend and she made that face! You know the one – the one a person makes when they’ve stepped in poo and are trying not to gag – yep, that happened 10 years ago and have I forgotten it – no way!

I made my mum’s awesome Greek Avgolemeno soup and my ex mother in law made the same face – of course, it’s not the reason why she’s my ex mother in law – she’s me ex mother in law because her son turned out to be a dick!

It’s not that these dishes were awful, (in fact they were bloody awesome thank you very much!), I just find it difficult to accept that people don’t like certain flavours and textures. My best friend doesn’t like ‘soggy cake’ so there was no way she was going to eat tiramisu and apparently I should have known that! My ex mother in law doesn’t like the idea of eggs and lemons mixed together. Another friend of mine doesn’t like the idea of the Chinese eggs I make with oyster sauce and my handsome man won’t go near lentil soup (although he will eat lentils with pasta, being a Calabrian dish, he finds that acceptable).

Can you see how I’m easily distracted?

That’s why sometimes I make things that I love and are truly delicious and really simple but full of the most amazing flavours but then I forget to post them…here’s 3 of them…

1st – awesome bread roll with pickled onion cheese, pickles, tomatoes, capers and iceberg lettuce (yes, this is my favourite lettuce and I don’t care what anyone says!)

2nd – my kick ass buttermilk pancakes with fried eggs, bacon and maple syrup.

3rd – deep fried soft shell crab with chilli, spring onions and coriander.

Next time I’m on Facebook I’m changing my status to this…



5 thoughts on “Stuff I Made and Forgot to Post

  1. And I like what you’ve done here because seriously, how easy is it to lose track of all of the photos you’ve taken and posts you were gonna write. Damn that second bottle of wine…

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