Rock Star Antipasto Platter

No Recipe Required

So, I’m on school holidays and I’m supposed to be in really great spirits but yesterday I found myself bored out of my brain and I’d only been on holidays for half a day!

I think there’s something wrong with me!

I find it really hard to wind down from teaching – I think it’s the quiet that I’m not used to. Over a thousand students and more than a hundred staff makes for a loud work environment and to be honest I’m not always great when left alone for too long.

When I get in these moods I don’t even feel like cooking. Stir fry was on the menu but I couldn’t be bothered.

It was a night for the big platter but even the thought of taking goodies out of the fridge seemed daunting to me UNTIL I read the most AMAZING news!

Now, I’m giving away a lot about myself here and many judgments will be made about the type of person I am but I’m a rock chick at heart and grew up totally obsessed with KISS! Not the “I Was Made For Loving You” KISS (that was total crap) but the 1970’s  awesomeness of KISS! “God of Thunder” KISS…so the news that KISS and Motley Crue (not a big fan) are touring here next year sent me into a bit of a heavy bass, crazy assed tail spin! My dragon tattoo was tingling and that meant only one thing…get the cd’s out and blast my boredom to oblivion.

‘Destroyer’ cd on with “God of Thunder” blasting the shit out of the whole street and not only did we have that antipasto platter but I found myself char grilling eggplant and zucchini and making garlic herb crouton thingys just because…because KISS are coming to Australia (again…didn’t they break up?) next year!

Actually, that sounds so stupid – KISS are coming so make an antipasto platter – more like throw down a kilo of raw meat and just tear into it!

Anyway, I didn’t and antipasto platter for dinner it was…Oh! and Vodka! I had lots of Vodka!

So go out, buy some awesome stuff like marinated octopus and fennel salami and spicy stuffed char grilled red peppers and delicious anchovies and well, just whatever you like and put on some loud music and have a blast…and a drink!

I know I did 🙂

Holidays are great!


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