Lighten Up! We’re having Lamb!


Not an exciting or witty post.

I have to speak to many parents tomorrow for Parent/Teacher Interviews and this sets me up for a night before gloomy mood. Time to down some wine and eat some serious meat and not much else. Need to bring out the animal in me in order to steal myself for a 7 hr stint of speaking to parents about their precious teenagers. Maybe lamb wasn’t the best option as unleashing the little lamb in me is hardly going to enhance my reputation of being one tough mother but wild wolf or grizzly just wasn’t an option…also we had beef on Sunday night.

I wonder how much the kids have said about me at home – not much I’m guessing as I still have my job!

Teenagers are great! They are starting to understand sarcasm and if they didn’t at the beginning of the year, they are experts by the end after having me as their teacher! They learn about grammar and persuasive writing but they also get great lessons in how to ‘read the signs’ – which they now know means “look at my face! Do I look like I’m in the mood?”

They are pretty awesome really and they rarely do much to really annoy me – that wonderful prize usually goes to other teachers! I tried to convince some colleagues yesterday that I really was quite a friendly person but they all laughed!

So, back to getting myself ready for tomorrow. I have my kicker boots ready and my black eye liner pencil has been sharpened. Yep! I’m ready. My belly full of wonderful lamb is just a bonus! Remember that I marinate my meat before it goes into the freezer? Well, that just made it even more wonderful!

Quickly seared in a pan and popped into the oven for another 10 mins was all that was needed. I just sliced and dipped the slices in the pan juices and ate it from the pan. Classy I know! The rest of the family ate in a more civilised manner with salad and veg but not me! Crusty bread and meat and I was in heaven!

I promise to be nice tomorrow but I have been known to lie on occasion.




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