Vac Sealed Risotto

Pumpkin Risotto

I always assume that when I post something and continue the story from my previous post, everyone is going to remember what the hell I was going on about the day before.

Of course people follow my blog as they do their favourite TV show…hanging on every word and anxiously awaiting my next post to see what happened next…”Today on pantryobsession, Helen makes a risotto – not from scratch!!!”

Well, I will tell you what happened next. I made the pumpkin risotto I found yesterday and it wasn’t from scratch. Remember that it was in a vac sealed pack, imported from Italy and I was sick and couldn’t be bothered chopping pumpkin?

I was not sure if this would turn out ok but it did. It was so great in fact that I’m never going to chop pumpkin for risotto again. They also sell a porcini mushroom one and I just might give that a go. This pumpkin one though, is a definite goer…it didn’t have chunks of pumpkin in it which is a plus for me and had saffron which gave it an amazing colour.

Of course I still had to stand there and stir and add all the usual ingredients (butter, onion, parmesan and more butter) but all that was worth it…this risotto was seriously good.

I’m just going to post the photo as I’m sure you all know how to make risotto and I’m still too sick to post anything too long.

Tonight I’m chucking that spanakopita I posted about yesterday in the oven and see how that turns out. Not everything has to be from scratch but that doesn’t mean you can’t eat some good grub!

I’ve taken a muscle relaxant people so I’m off to snooze (or just stare out the window) for a while…


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