Lunch with Friends

Greek Pastitsio (Lasagne), Spinach Pie and Marshmallow Brownies

Where do I begin?

We had friends over for lunch. Nice way to spend the day before I have to go back to work tomorrow!

I have to post this but I’m so full from stuffing my face over lunch today as well as being utterly depressed about having to go back to work tomorrow that I think I can only manage to tell you what we ate and post the photos…leave the recipes for another time.

I will say that my handsome man’s nonna gave us some of her home made pasta and I used that to make The Pastitsio, which is the Greek version of lasagne. The difference being that instead of using lasagne sheets you use long spaghetti – pretty thick and tube like – and top with a bechamel sauce, making sure that the meat sauce is not too saucy…there you go, no recipe required!

I will, however post the recipe for The Spanakopita…maybe tomorrow. It’s delicious and just like my mother, I never use phyllo pastry, but make my own. However, I have recently found one imported from Greece in my local continental supermarket (I may never make my own again, it is so good!)

I have also already posted The Brownie recipe but this time I topped it with marshmallow fluff and choc chips and placed under the grill (the broiler?).

Anyway, right now I feel like I’ve eaten so much that even my fingers are struggling to type.

We started with a selection of dips, garlic crackers, fennel salami, feta cheese and amazing marinated baby figs. We then indulged in the utterly yummy spanakopita fresh from the oven. The Pastitsio was next and it was so tasty with the home made pasta that I think I will never buy store bought pasta again. I eat salad all year round so I made a green salad with cos lettuce, cucumber, parsley and parmesan cheese. Brownies, as above, for dessert with coffee.

WOW! I’m off to bed and it’s not even 8pm!


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