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Potato Pizza

Once again I made pizza for dinner. It seems to be a once a fortnight thing for me now. My partner’s pizza generally stays the same but I tend to change what I have depending on my mood and whatever I am craving at the time.

It’s the same dough recipe I have used before but for some reason it turned out better than the others. Looking through the pantry I noticed the potatoes and realised I had a craving for them. I also had some D’Affinois Cheese which had been a part of a wonderful platter of bits and pieces from lunch with the girls a few days ago. So my potato with cheese and rosemary pizza was born. Getting the cheese out of the fridge resulted in an even bigger surprise. I found an unopened tub of garlic dip which I had bought from a new gourmet supermarket close by.

This pizza was getting better and better.

I made the pizza dough and spread really tasty olive oil over the base. I do have to say here that this oil comes from my dad’s olive groves in Greece. His nephew looks after them and sends dad oil every year which he then bottles up for us. It’s not a cooking oil but for salads and used to drizzle over feta cheese or olives. It has a peppery taste and can be quite over powering if used in larger quantities. Perfect for pizza!

I then spread a heap of the garlic dip over the base and arranged thinly sliced partially cooked potatoes over it. I topped this with the wonderful creamy D”Affinois Cheese and scattered rosemary sprigs over the lot.

A seriously scrumptious pizza. You must give this a try 🙂


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