Red Letter Day

Red Velvet Cake

July 5th, four years ago was what I consider a Red Letter Day for me. It was the day I went on my first date with Mr Handsome. I had known him for a while but this was our first date. It was a date that changed my whole life. It was a date that breathed air into me. It was date where I welcomed the universe back into my life. It was a date that I will never forget.

Four awesome years later, Mr Handsome still fascinates me and makes me laugh…Corny?…Maybe!

But it is what it is…and that is…Wonderful!

So, on the night of our 4th anniversary of that date (we are not married, so we celebrate our 1st date) I made us a Red Velvet Cake.

I have never made one before and I was quite pleased with the outcome. It didn’t have that metallic aftertaste many people talk about because of the food colouring. The texture was great but the cream cheese frosting could have been beaten more and maybe a little less butter as it wasn’t as white as I would have liked it but it still tasted great.

The Happy Anniversary lettering is wonky but then again so am I…I don’t care much for perfection in this area. I’m not competing on Master Chef and I certainly have no desire to bake/cook for a living. I bake/cook purely for pleasure and am delighted by the wonderful process of putting this with that and it turning into something that becomes a part of some of my best memories.

So, Happy Four Years Mr. Handsome. Here’s to many, many more.

(I haven’t included the recipe here as I used a combination of 2 different recipes I found on line and they have disappeared…strange…very strange…when I find them, I will post the recipe)


2 thoughts on “Red Letter Day

  1. Thank you very much Stephanie. Another very strange thing…I thought I was following your blog but it seems something went wrong ages ago and I wasn’t any more…so am following again. 🙂

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