Earth Tremors and Beef Skewers

Beef Skewers

Sometimes it’s so cold outside and so warm inside the house that you forget it’s winter. Well, I do anyway. Instead of turning the heating down, I’ve been known to change into a T.Shirt and light cotton pjs and walk around with bare feet.

Yep, bad! bad! bad!

On nights like these, I fire up the indoor grill plate and pretend BBQ just to make me feel like it really is Summer. The other night was just such a night. Our coldest and windiest day so far this Winter. It rained all day and we even experienced a 5.3 Earth Tremor (seriously, my partner and I didn’t feel a thing downstairs but upstairs my daughter’s room shook and she freaked out!).

Bad weather day indeed!

Pre Earth Tremor, we had a lovely dinner of beef skewers with salad and wraps…not much of a recipe required here.

Just know that it helped brighten up everyone’s dead of Winter gloom 🙂


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