This is one of my favourite bloggers…love the cookie 🙂


I realized this week that I’ve never featured a basic chocolate chip cookie.  There have been many cookies, usually with other mix-ins like dried cherries, nuts or espresso powder. But a good-old fashioned chocolate chip cookie, nope.

A co-worker approached me earlier in the week. Many years ago, I made a batch of Martha Stewart chocolate chip cookies. They clearly made an impression on Shirley. She asked if I’d make a batch of these cookies for an upcoming vacation. How could I resist? Particularly after being reintroduced to this classic recipe in Martha’s newest cookbook, Martha’s American Food. It’s an especially beautiful cookbook, broken down by regions of the country. The photographs will make your mouth water. The cookies are found in the first section, the All-American collection.

A few notes about the recipe. These are so simple to put together. Even better, there are none of those fancy-hard-to-find…

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