Medicinal Chocolate!

Hot Chocolate shots with Chocolate Port

I have been sick for about a week and haven’t done a lot of posting. My wonderful partner has been doing quite a bit of the cooking and for that I have been thankful.

I made choc chip muffins for a going away morning tea for work but that’s been about it.

Tonight I made us some hot chocolate shots…wonderful for my throat…tasted delicious.

My friend from Queensland visited a couple of months ago and bought me a bottle of Chocolate Port – totally awesome!

1 cup of milk

1 heaped tablespoon cocoa

dark chocolate chips (as many as you like)

shot glass of chocolate port (or any other alcohol you like)

heat everything in a small saucepan and pour into shot glasses…don’t down it in one go as it’s hot but sip and enjoy…enough for 2 shots each…very nice indeed!!!


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